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MBU Training

Controlled Driving Course 

Above is the controlled course you will be taking to pass the initial stage of MBU training. During this test you will be showing your ability to maintain control of the motorcycle at high speeds and show you can clear intersection’s correctly and safely. You cannot crash the motorcycle at any time or hit any vehicle on the road way. Remember while riding you must stay aware of your surroundings. That includes what is behind you as well. 

  • You will get one practice run and two attempts.
  • You must keep all wheels on the ground at all times.
  • You must keep control of the bike at all times. 
  • You must change siren tones throughout the course 
  • The time for this course is 6 minutes and 45 seconds
  • Hitting pedestrians or destruction/immobilization of the motorbike in any of the above training modules will result in immediate failure.

Weapons Course

This course will teach you how to utilize the nearest available cover during an active gunfight to help prevent injury. Remember once on a traffic stop the officer can control where it is conducted. To start this course inform the officer that it will be started by a simple traffic stop in an area of the trainers choosing. During this course the trainer will aim and fire at the officer who will attempt to take cover in the safest manner possible, also the trainer will inform the MBU trainee that their weapon structure is the same as regular LEO minus Carbine/Shotgun. Unless you acquire someone’s from a vehicle on an active scene. M.B.U cannot go to shot’s fired call unless it is an all call

Vehicle Pursuits   

The ultimate benefit the Motorbike Unit possesses is the agility of a motorbike and the training of a Motor Officer to efficiently maneuver through traffic while responding to a call or during a pursuit. Motor Officers can use their training to stay with vehicles fleeing at high speeds where a patrol car may not otherwise proceed. Or to arrive at a scene and be able to render aid first or provide back up.  However at high speeds weaving in and out of traffic can be quite dangerous. it is up to the MBU to use their best judgement, diligence and skills to ensure they don’t crash and injure or kill themselves 

M.B.U.s are only permitted to take primary on pursuits against motorcycles. However, they are still permitted on pursuits with normal vehicles so long as they are at the end of the pursuit.

Prohibited actions while M.B.U

While you are running as an active motorcycle unit you cannot do the following things on the bike

  • Wheelies at any time. This will be counted as reckless driving if seen you may lose your MBU certificate
  • Stopies once again at any time this will be counted as reckless driving
  • Any reckless riding that could put your life or other lives at danger.
  • Firing or trying to tase from the bike. You cannot fire your weapon or taser from the bike at any time. You must get off the bike first.
  • Attempted to use your batton or flashlight while on the bike. Once again you cannot use these items while on the bike. You must get off of it first.

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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