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    Welcome to The Realms of Asgard Website - We host a variety of servers Here for RP? Look no more TROA RP is currently in testing phase and joining our discord and requesting whitelist gets you access! We host 8 inhouse servers with powerful hardware We are opening up 52 planets and 11 instances! for Space Engineers Eden V2 We are hosting 10 servers right now for TROA! Come check out the games we play! Join the Discord! SE Servers Tara, Sottena and PS5, Take a start on our console PS5/Xbox ready worlds! TROA Forge is going strong be sure to vote and download our modpack over at TechinPack
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  • Space Engineers Server Hub

    Welcome to the Space Engineers Server Hub!

    Hosted Servers

    Explore our dedicated Space Engineers servers for an immersive gaming experience. Join others in shaping the galaxy!

    PvP and PvE

    Engage in thrilling Player vs Player combat or team up for challenging Player vs Environment scenarios. The choice is yours!

    Nexus-Connected Clusters

    Immerse yourself in a vast network of interconnected clusters through our Nexus system. Connect with other players and forge alliances across the stars.

    Planetary Rebellion

    A recent planetary rebellion has disrupted communications in the outer reaches of space, leaving different factions to fill the power vacuum once occupied by The Federal Authority of Earth. Navigate through the chaos and contribute to the shaping of the new order.

    How to Join

    1. Download and install Space Engineers on your system.
    2. Browse our server list and choose your preferred environment (PvP, PvE, Nexus).
    3. Connect to the server IP and start your space adventure!
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