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    Welcome to The Realms of Asgard Website - We host a variety of servers Here for RP? Look no more TROA RP is currently in testing phase and joining our discord and requesting whitelist gets you access! We host 8 inhouse servers with powerful hardware We are opening up 52 planets and 11 instances! for Space Engineers Eden V2 We are hosting 10 servers right now for TROA! Come check out the games we play! Join the Discord! SE Servers Tara, Sottena and PS5, Take a start on our console PS5/Xbox ready worlds! TROA Forge is going strong be sure to vote and download our modpack over at TechinPack
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  • Welcome to The Realms of Asgard!

    Your Ultimate Gaming Sanctuary!

    Explore The Realms of Asgard, an immersive online gaming community that transcends the ordinary. More than just a haven for gamers, we are a welcoming sanctuary where every gamer finds a home. Built on the foundation of gaming joy, we foster an environment that cherishes good times and camaraderie.

    Established in 2017, The Realms of Asgard stands as a secure and inclusive community that embraces gamers from all walks of life. Our commitment is evident in the warm embrace extended to individuals from every corner and culture across the globe. Our doors are wide open to all types of gamers, creating a diverse and vibrant hub within the gaming community.

    What sets us apart?

    •     Dedicated servers and dynamic clans in games that embody our community spirit.
    •     Regular giveaways and thrilling community events to elevate your gaming experience.
    •     Active engagement in popular games like Space Engineers, Astroneers, Stationeers, Minecraft, and Icarus.
    •     Currently supporting and hosting 10 in-house servers, with a commitment to evolving and enhancing the gaming experience in the near future.
    •     Our community boasts its own team of skilled coders and mod creators, adding a unique touch to our gaming environment.

    In addition, we bring many years of experience and a multitude of talents within our community. We are constantly on the lookout for game server admins and moderators for our servers. Join our voice channels, hang out, and sign up on our website to unlock the true TROA experience.

    Please enjoy our new promo video for our newest world coming soon TM..

    Join us on Discord for seamless access and support:

    Discord link:

    Why Discord?

    Joining our Discord community streamlines assistance, ensuring a smoother experience for all. Take advantage of community using this platform on forums integrated with our website to address any issues promptly. Stay informed with our up-to-date rules and tutorials, empowering players to review and engage in real-time.

    Embark on a gaming journey like never before – Join The Realms of Asgard and redefine your gaming experience!

    Please read our Code of Conduct

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    • 7/7/2024 Remove - qb-ambulancejob - misc qb assets Added - brutal_ambulancejob - [CayoPerico] assets - [Island] assets - beach_mansion_02 - vanilla_unicorn - freedint-vpd Updated - codem_appearance - codem-multicharacter - codem_staff_remake - qb-core - qb-inventory
    • View Position Civilian (Whitelist App) Application Requirements for Whitelisted Civilian Roleplay in TROA RP To be considered for whitelisted civilian roleplay access in TROA RP, you MUST meet the following requirements before your application will be reviewed or considered: Be at least 17 years old at the time of application. Join the TROA Discord: Have a properly working microphone. Participate in a minimum of 5 community RP nights as a civilian within a 30-day period (Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 PM EST). Attendance is tracked through a player logging system, and additional time may be required. Applications for whitelisted roles will not be considered until these requirements are met. Additional Requirements You should be available at least 3 days per week to help maintain server activity. You must undergo training with your assigned trainer. (IF you are experienced in RP you do not need to go through the basic training for TROA RP.) Your attendance, loyalty to the server, and participation in events will be monitored. Failure to meet these expectations may result in your position being revoked. Whitelisted Job Requirements Those holding whitelisted jobs (LEO, Fire/EMS, and Coroner) must ensure that the TROA RP FiveM server is the ONLY FiveM server they are part of. This requirement does not apply to Dispatch roles, but attendance and participation will still be monitored. All cilivan jobs require 30 days in TROA RP before you can apply. There are plenty of civlian based jobs in TROA RP Application Review Process Due to real-life commitments and application requirements, applications will be reviewed at the end of each month. Training for approved applicants will be scheduled for the following month. Training details will be provided once an applicant is scheduled for training. Newly approved civilians are assigned a probationary rank and will be trained by ranking members in their primary job with the department of labor. All jobs require a minunal of 30 days in TROA RP to apply for said jobs in server. Submitter troa Submitted On 07/01/2024 Number of places 100  
    • 6/30/2024 Updated - DS-Casino - qb-core -qb-inventory
    • 6/23/2024 Updated - qb-smallresourse - qb-hud - m-loadingscreen Added - mChat
    • 6/22/2024 Updated - codem-marketv2 - qb-inventory - qb-core - qb-vehicleskeys - qb-smallresources - codem-garages Removed - qb-weed - vehicle_keys
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