Welcome to The Realms of Asgard!

we are a online gaming community that plays space related games.

We host our own servers no overhead for us. We do not require players give donations, We do giveaways, We are active in Space Engineers, Astroneers and Stationeers. This list could change in the near future however we are working on providing our players with the best we have to offer.

To get started join our! discord

Discord link: https://discord.gg/vQQN4pGSwF Joining our discord makes it easier for us to help you when issues arise thru tickets.
Please also check out our wiki. We keep it updated and allows our players to understand the rules for our servers.


  • We have in house Mod/Developers, Designers, Planet and Block Modelers
  • Zero Tolerance for cheating
  • Safe place for players with understanding Moderators and Admins
  • Zero tolerance for hate speech and racism
  • Community Wiki
  • Community Website
  • All Grids & Data are backed up
  • Custom Discord Ticketing System
  • Player feedback is appreciated

PC Connected Worlds

  • Connected worlds – United Command of Pegasus
  • 20 Planets PVE
  • PVP Zones (Space) and PVE Zones (Planets except Moons)
  • 1.0 sim speed
  • Monitoring server tools
  • Custom lobby
  • Unlimited PCU
  • Powerful hardware!
  • Daily Voting Loot

Cross platform console worlds

  • New Console Instances up and running
  • 2 worlds with 3 planets in each instance
  • More instances to come
  • Daily Voting Loot
  • Monitoring server tools
  • 1.0 sim speed
  • Unlimited pcu
  • Powerful hardware!
  • Best mods from mod.io
  • EOS Server
  • Mod.IO supported for Xbox, PC & Soon to be PS

Cloud Backups

All Grids & Data are backed up to our 10TB Synology NAS. We have a fully redundant connection for all backups and servers we host for Space Engineers