TROAV5 Release








  • We have in house Mod/Developers, Designers, Planet and Block Modelers
  • Zero Tolerance for cheating
  • Safe place for players with understanding Moderators and Admins willing to listen
  • Zero tolerance for hate speech and racism
  • Community Wiki
  • Community Website
  • All Grids & Data are backedup
  • Custom Discord Ticketing System
  • Player feedback is appreciated
  • Connected worlds – United Command of Pegasus
  • 20 Planets PVE
  • PVP Zones (Space) and PVE Zones (Planets except Moons)
  • 1.0 sim speed
  • Monitoring server tools
  • Custom lobby
  • Unlimited pcu
  • Powerful hardware!
  • Daily Voting Loot
  • Interconnected worlds with 15 planets
  • Daily Voting Loot
  • Monitoring server tools
  • 1.0 sim speed
  • Unlimited pcu
  • Powerful hardware!
  • Best mods from
  • EOS Server
  • Mod.IO supported for Xbox, PC & Soon to be PS

Welcome to The Realms of Asgard!

To get started join our! discord

Welcome to the TROA, we are a part of UCP (United Command of Pegasus) We are a community of NEXUS connected servers with interconnectivity. This means you can mine on another server and build and have bases on 4 of servers we are partners with. We are currently looking for more partners to join our NEXUS cluster of servers.

Permanent discord link for everyone: Join the discord. We have several tools and other features to assist you with any issues you may encounter. Being in the discord makes it much easier for us to help you.

Creativity with no limits

Enjoy an endless world with no limits on creativity. Without size limit, travelers of the realms can roam freely and discover endless vase space and planets.

Different ways to play

Fly solo, create a faction or perhaps build an empire? There are multiple ways to conquer the universe.

Freedom To Create

Build efficent and awe-inspiring constructions. Use the Quantum hangar plugin to unlock your innovative potential

One Galactic Trade Station

Keeping an eye on the UCP trade station will result in lucrative trading opportunities. Influence by Live Market by selling or buying. Prices will change based on supply and demand.


Face an array of new and veteran travelers in unforgiving PVP action. We have one of the most well-balanced weapon packs and are always tweaking and making changes. We have a balance of PVE and PVP zones with in TROA.

Engaging world

The TROA star system is an engaging world which has plenty of interesting places to explore. Furthermore, you can come across a lot of NPC’s thanks to the Modular Encounters System mod. Such modifications make the TROA star system lively and engaging.

Cloud Backups

All Grids & Data are backed up to our 10TB Synology NAS. We have a fully redundant connection for all backups and servers we host for Space Engineers

Download our mod pack for our server in the link below


Daily Users