Welcome to The Realms of Asgard!

A smooth experience for all players on a 1gig symmetrical line, With a Ryzen 9 5900X OC’ed on top of 128 GB ECC ram with 99.97 uptime. Our server is owned by IceyStreeet! We have the specs to host whatever we want. Come visit our growing server list and worlds! We have twitch streamers who stream our servers daily! With active admins and average of 50 users in 6 instances. We are currently seeking to expand our admins and mods within our community to learn more please join our discord.

* NEXUS Connected Worlds
* Deep Space PVP
* 22 Planets PVE ( 480 Center planets size outer planets 240 in sizes)
* 100+ of the best Mods
* Monitoring server tools for best experiences
* 1.0 sim speed
* Powerful hardware!
* Grid protection
* Active mods and admins
* Good People
* Builders
* Salvage locations over 320 types of salvage grids
* All work backed up to our 10TB cloud
* Never worry about losing anything on our servers
* Ticketing System
* Fun environments
* Always evolving servers!
* Player feedback!

Connect to our server by clicking on the link below

Download our mod pack for our server in the link below

TROA Server Rules & Policies


Space Engineers General Rules

These are the rules in their most basic form. By joining and playing on this Space Engineers server, you agree to comply with these policies.

No Cheating

  • Non-compliance with these policies will result in an immediate and permanent ban from our Discord
    and game servers.
  • No third-party tools, in-game builds (clang drives), scripts or modifications are allowed that alter game physics, access permissions or visuals to provide an unfair gameplay advantage or intentionally cause performance issues with the server or other players. If you have any questions or concerns about an in-game script, check with the staff on our Discord server.
  • If a bug or gameplay exploit is discovered in-game, report it to staff on our Discord server.
    Denial-of-Service and other Internet and network attacks WILL be resisted and reported to your ISPs and

Respect Other Players

Account Sharing

(Family sharing is turned off on our server) Do not share your Steam or Discord account with anyone else. YOU will be held responsible for any rule breaking done on your account.


  • We define chat spam as various actions in ANY in-game or Discord channel or Private Message on the server, including but not limited to: Pasting links or text repeatedly.
  • Any actions that result in messages being repeatedly posted to chat, such as Death message
    spamming or repeated login/logouts.
  • Keyboard mashing.
  • Advertising any other game or Discord server without checking first with a staff member.
    Chat spamming will result in mute, kick, or ban where appropriate depending on the severity.


  • Abusive language directed at the server, its staff, or its players will get you banned and reported to the Discord Safety team. You can swear but do it in moderation.
  • If another player tells you to stop, use your best judgement and respect their wishes. Comply if a staff member tells you to stop doing something.

No Griefing or Stealing

  • Since PvP is part of normal Space Engineers gameplay, griefing and stealing have specific definitions on our Space Engineers game server
  • PVP areas are designated in the server and these rules do not apply
  • As a player in our server you must pay attention to were you spawn we will not restore grids or items if they are stolen in PVP approved areas.
  • Stealing: Do not take any grids or items from faction or allied-faction players without the owner’s permission, EVEN if containers are set to “Share with All”.
  • Block or entity placement/breaking on faction or allied-faction players’ grids without the
    owner’s permission.
  • Proposing faction peace relationships with the intent to cause theft or damage to the
    target faction is not acceptable behavior. If you intend to engage in PvP, do not establish
    a peace relationship with the target faction. Declare War first if you are already in a
    peace relationship.
  • If you accidentally damage something belonging to another player or faction, it is
    recommended to let the owner or faction know as soon as possible to prevent a

Faction Best Practices

This section provides more general guidelines and recommendations than rules. These are designed to help prevent unintentional conflict between players. Faction leaders are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their members, and their relationships to other factions.

  • Please pay attention to who you accept into your faction. Your “Accept Everyone” checkbox should be turned off. Faction leaders will be held largely responsible for their members’ actions. Note which factions you extend peace agreements to. Your “Accept Peace” checkbox should also be turned off.
  • If you are leaving or changing factions, make sure you know where all your grids are located, just in case nearby neutral guns become hostile and your grids are damaged.
  • If you establish a peace relationship with another faction, it is recommended that you have a conversation with the other faction leader and have an understanding between your faction’s acceptable behavior.

Server Cleanup and Performance Information

Server grid and floating object removal is performed on a regular interval without warning, affecting the following:

  • Floating objects.
  • Grids owned by Nobody, NPC factions, banned players, or any player inactive for 90 days.
  • Unpowered grids under 20 blocks.
  • Grids with default naming (i.e., Small Grid 1234).
    • You must have a beacon on all grids Odin will remove all non-beacon grids on clean up
    • The best way to avoid being affected by Trash Cleanup is to name all your grids with
    • some convention (something other than Small Grid 1234).
    • The convention you choose is up to you. Having a consistent naming scheme can allow
    • staff to help find and troubleshoot lost grids for you.
    • You can review your owned grids in your player Info tab.
    • It is your responsibility to name and keep your grids protected we have many blocks and many systems that protect and backup grids, but we will not restore grids that do not adhere to our clean up rules

Scripting and Other

  • Access to Scripting on this server requires the Scripter role, which may only be granted by a staff member at their discretion. Players will undergo a probationary period of indeterminate length before
  • Scripter role requests are considered but not a given


  • Our server users a software by Casmir and it allows for connected worlds we host 6 instances the Nordic gods and theme is what we strive to go for here at TROA

World names

  • Lobby – Main point of entry for the server
  • Aether – This location is the deep vase of space and is home to our center planet Luma with a radius of 1000KM this is a massive planet and will obliterate your ship be careful in this world reavers are looking for you.
  • Asgard – Welcome to the earth realm you will have the easy setup and start building your faction
  • Niflheim – This realm is all water worlds and yes you can build boat here
  • Loki – The realm of chaos
  • Thor – The realm of the Gods

Server Owners

  • Iceystreeeet – Owner and Founder (Owns all hardware and assets to TROA)
  • JJ Reloaded – Founder and server side and game administrator
  • DoM – Founder and Server admin



Daily Users