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    Welcome to The Realms of Asgard Website - We host a variety of servers TROA RP is currently under heavy development and is set to open December 25th 2023 to whitelisters SE Servers Valkyrie and Helena vanilla instances Take a start on our console PS5/Xbox ready worlds! TROA Forge is going strong be sure to vote and download our modpack over at TechinPack We are hosting 10 servers right now for TROA! Come check out the games we play! Join the Discord!
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  2. 11/27/2023 - All assets and creation modules are up to date. - Pushed Development Server to Production Server.
  3. Icey

    Mod Pack

    Please download our mod pack provided by curse forge we are currently waiting on our account and files to be approved until then please use the zip we have attached. Once you have downloaded our mod pack Please open the game and connect to If you have any issues please ping a MC admin or anyone you see online we are all here to help one another UPDATED: Please download the mod pack over at TechnicPack
  4. 11/17/2023 - All Creation Modules have been updated. - All Assets have been updated. - Both Production and Test Servers will be down the week of 11/19 - 11/25 for push to production.
  5. AMP •Testing AMP for ease of use. •Enables any admin to start or restart a server •Can view server information Minecraft •Building a custom modpack for TROA MC Server •Viewable through AMP •Configurable through AMP FiveM •Doors are planned to be opened right before Christmas •Please register of TROA website •Users can now view the FiveM task board via the TROA website. •CAD system is in place •Officer training offered by Arctic Assassin •A law book is in place •Snailly CAD will auto input information from in game CAD system •License strike systems •Players that would like to join FiveM NEED to be registered by the 20th of November, after that, invite only •Members are responsible for those that they invite •If members would like to help with development you may complete an upcoming forum, your time is considered donated, you will not be paid. •Once you are an official member of the FiveM server, you MUST create your character sheet, this is obligatory. •Clubs can be created, and are considered groups in the FiveM server •One spawn point, 'Admin Island' •$5,000(In game currency) will be given on Admin Island •Shops creator will allow player shops, and admin shops to be created. Tutorials •Space Engineers tutorial section needs to be updated(thFinalJugement - Responsible for updating) •Tutorials may be viewed through the TROA site Site •Community ideas can be submitted •Community submitted ideas can be voted on
  6. Recruitment post's •Format into a image •Have QR codes for those images TROA 5.1 •10 instances, to 6 instances(PC side) •Console remains intact(No current changes) Redesign TROA Website -Upon expansion TROA will be revisited and redesigned -Add other games -Non dedicated games with no servers No mans sky Admin Stepback •Rus is stepping back •MAGC will likely take over •Servers will likely transfer to Street -Plan for 4 more updates —Convince Street to not block himself -Try to keep TROA in the "Space Survival" genre -Backup system is working well -'Expansion into more games will generate more traffic to the community' (Paraphrase of Street) *Space Engineers will stay as THE HOME GAME* Questions? <No> End Notes -Likely will have the server build by the end of the week. -Will keep documentation -Crossplay needs to recruit as mods -Reach out to armor compendium modder to increase the Armor -Potential limitations and fat trimming for TROA Crossplay -Hangar grids that are not in immediate use Video for server setup -Determine if videos should be a footnotes version or an expanded version(Or do both) /Footnotes version|Edited out of the main actions of the expanded video /Expanded version|The hand held version Hangar System (At Last GPS|At New Location) At last GPS| At New location| At new location(With ship closet)|1 Vote concluded(1 Vote): At new location with ship closet.
  7. •New Logo •New TROA Server Hard Stuff •Effective July 1st SE NEXUS PC will be shut down due to lack of players. –Alternative, 1 instance, connect directly or through lost civ, likely directed through lost civ(Or Torch instance) •Renewed focus on crossplay •Space Engineers will recive less overall attention, HOWEVER will still be home game 5M - GTA Roleplay Server •Jobs(Can add custom jobs and shops thru in game systems) •Gangs •800$ invested, PLAY IT! •Substances •Request to be whitelisted, adhere to given rulesets otherwise your whitelist will be removed. •Proximity Chat(Probably) •Custom buildings •Custom Outfits •If a fourm is made with no in universe lore aspects to it will be immidiately dismissed, no questions asked. •In order for an application to join, YOUR character needs a background, why? relations? motivations?. YOU are responsible for your own backstory. •2 Character slots(You will 100% be banned for meta gaming)(1 should be a "Recovery Character") •Functional Realestate •Casino •Streamers are encouraged!!! And supported!!! •Laws and rules •Fail RP and you face a total ban from the TROA Server & GTA server, regardless of any subscriptions or payments!, this includes meta gaming.(Jail>Then if you fail again> … Will decide your fate) •GUIDES WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOU TO LEARN YOUR JOB - If you fail to read it it is YOUR fault •Est ~150 players influx in the server •Show clear commitment when you apply • —Discord server will be changed around a bit
  8. 11/10/2023 - All Creation modules are up to date and tested. - Al Assets are up to date and tested to ensure updates were successful.
  9. 11/3/2023 - Fixed floating Pedestrians within the City Hall. - Updated Emotes. - Updated Smartphone Configuration.
  10. Good morning TROA RP Citizens, We are happy to announce the server will open to the public on or before the new years! We are working hard getting everything setup for the grand opening of TROA RP. This has been a labor of love for the past 5 months. We have done everything we can to ensure the player experience is there. We have bought many assets and tools to help with the success of the opening of TROA RP city. We hope you are all as excited as we are! Until then please make sure you get your application and RP char setup! Until then please make sure you get your application and RP char setup! Make sure your site account reflects your RP role!
  11. View Position EMS / FD (Whitelist App) EMS / FD (Whitelist App) Submitter Icey Submitted On 10/29/2023 Number of places 50  
  12. Places: 50

    Applicants: 0

    TROA RP - EMS / FD Application - Must be mature - Must be fluent in English - Must have good communication skills - Must be active within the community - Must have a Legal, working copy of Grand Theft Auto Five - Must be in the TROA Discord You should try and take your time on this application and answer all questions thoroughly. Applications that show good effort and dedication to the process will be favored over applications that feel rushed or incomplete. Applications are reviewed within 2 weeks of submission. Please do not excessively ask for updates on your application, it won't help the process at all. • You may not share your answers or receive help with your application • Do not ask about the status of your application or else you may be denied
  13. 10/28/2023 - Admin Island configured as spawn location. - Player Creation screen optimized. - Loading Menu customized. - Numerous bugs tested and resolved. - All Creation modules up to date.
  14. The time has come! THIS IS A WHITELISTED SERER YOU MUST BE APPROVED FOR ACCESS. What’s TROA? – The Realms of Asgard Online community is a multi-gaming online community which host a variety of space-based games and now has a Five M server based on real-life scenarios and generally having fun and creating great Role play. Why you should Join! -You should join TROA RP since we are a server that accepts all types walks of life. We are a brand-new server. The server is looking for new staff, developers and more! SERVER DEVELOPMENT: We are currently looking for skilled devs along with people who have a passion to build out a project. We are keeping track of our development using professional grade tools businesses use. Our founder is an IT business owner and understands the key to success is an organized development team and proper hardware. Our server is a custom-built water-cooled system. Ryzen 9 5950X 128 GB of ram, 2.5 Giga up stream and 2.5 Giga downstream. (You can download 400 resources in under less then 20 seconds on most connections right now) 5x 2TB SSD, 2x 2TB M.2 STAFF INFORMATION: Staff Information! J. Street (Founder & Owner) (Chief of Police & All Government Sectors of Law Enforcement) (Government Official) B. Malum (Lead Dev & Tester) (Government Official) More open positions Our Staff is very active on the server and is very willing to make sure that all members have a fun experience on the server, and they enjoy their time at summit! They are also very friendly people, and they love to role play and making the server a better environment! Our developers are also very active, and they update the server when needed as well as making small changes every day to improve the stay at San Andreas Island! Our Department’s: DISCORD LINK 10 DEPARTMENT HIGHLIGHTS : Government - Judges, DA’s, Attorneys, Federal, etc State Police – Investigations, Reporting, Cases, CAD etc 100k sign on bonus Highway Patrol – RP play, tickets, speed guns, radar guns, etc 100k sign on bonus Fire & Rescue- Become a fire fighter, save lives as an EMT, etc 100k sign on bonus Civilian Operations – We offer many types of jobs on our server (more as development goes forward) Other custom jobs which are being developed RECRUITMENT INFO Working microphone Steam Discord 18+ Previous experience: None required, we are open to helping new role-players learn the ropes. SOCIAL MEDIA : Be sure to check out our website (under heavy dev) Be sure to join the discord! HOW TO JOIN : You may ask? No application? Yep! That’s right we rather learn. Join the discord server Speak with immigration staff (Admins on the server) Apply Interview Whitelist Add Complete training You’re in! QUESTIONS? : If you have any questions relating to joining Department of Safety, you are welcome to: Email our Director @ [email protected] Reply to this FiveM post We look forward to your interview and seeing you on the server! Please do not join our server then leave this is a waste of our time. We are seeking people with passion and experience. We have leadership positions we would like to fill with hungry leaders who want to learn and grow. We are a startup server. We are working on a lot of dev work right now. We have a server that is active with over 400 resources on it. We have a website we are creating; we are heavy in dev right now. This is the perfect time to join as we are taking applications currently. Please note this when joining the server. \ We have invested over $1800 in MLO’s and Assets for our community please make sure you say hi to us in our discord. Communications Department
  15. Welcome to The Realms of Asgard! Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for taken the time to visit our brand new state of the at website. We have been very busy the past six months and we are happy to announce the Web5.0 experience Please join our discord to learn more and welcome again to TROA!
  16. We are now able to update and install servers as we see fit. We have been working on setting up a game panel which would allow easier administration to all servers we HOST. We can now popup almost 200 game servers from a distro list. We wont do that but we have the power to push the community into more and more games wit the click of a button. We are testing a few new game servers but we will be combining all data with the game panel in the coming days. Get ready Minecraft Forge is almost ready! We can now managed all TROA Servers minus a few SE and fiveM through this panel. We are working with the dev to figure out how we can support all our servers via through this panel.
  17. Icey

    NEXUS V2

    Good Afternoon, We are continuing to bring the SE community of TROA new and refreshed aspect of our servers for SE. We will start to build a new cluster using the brand new NEXUS v2 system. More customization and easier transfer between servers. To track this project please visit our tracker link in our task area!
  18. Resignation & Grace Policies Resigning from our community is a pretty straight forward process. To resign from the community; contact a member of CoC and they will be able to process you out shortly thereafter. Some items to note: By resigning, you must wait 30 days before re-applying to our community. Exception: Asking to come back within 30 days falls under the Grace Period Policy, By resigning, you are forfeiting your unit-number in the event you rejoin at a later date. By resigning, you are forfeiting all training you had previously. If a staff member, by resigning, you are forfeiting your staff position. If a subdivision leader, by resigning, you are forfeiting your subdivision to the community. If a vehicle donor, by resigning, you are giving rights to TROA to continue to use said vehicle(s) for any length of time Aspirant Gaming deems reasonable. By resigning, you are forfeiting any whitelists to special whitelisted servers run for other games. By attempting to resign, you are not protected from being converted to a kick and/or ban for your actions taken before or after your resignation that have an impact towards TROA. By resigning, you are giving rights for Aspirant Gaming to continue to use any SOPs or documentation you have generated for any length of time TROA deems reasonable. If you have any questions or concerns about this feel to contact any CoC member. GRACE PERIOD POLICY A member who resigned on good terms may use this policy to re-integrate into the community within 30 days of their resignation with the following clauses: Your unit-number will be issued brand-new via our system. You will retain all main department (LEO/FIRE/DIS/CIV) tags you had when you left. Your whitelist will be removed from all servers until: Refresher training courses are completed on anything changed in those divisions. Unless department heads request a full retrain. Department Heads can deem this inapplicable for their respective departments. Subdivision reentry or re-application is up to each individual subdivision lead based on changes made, space limitations, etc. If a year of service badge was earned, you will retain that badge, but your counter for years of service is reset to 0. Ex: If you have two years of service and rejoin – you will start your third year of service on your rejoin date. If your previous position was of a Staff level, you will not be reinstated via this policy. If you were a previous subdivision leader, you will not be reinstated as its leader. If you were a previous donor, your donor status will be reinstated, provided it is still valid from the day you donated. Any discipline points obtained while a member will still apply after rejoining. Active points when you resign will be “paused”, and won’t accrue time until you’re a member again. You may only use the grace policy once every 90 days. Types of Leaves This document will outline all of the actions that occur based on the type of departure that occurs against a member. Leaving Without Notification (Bad Terms) Your access to Discord*, and our servers is removed. You can re-apply 30 days from your leave date. You aren’t eligible to use the grace policy. Ex: You leave Discord (which forces a resignation) and you don’t notify a staff member beforehand. Leaving With Notification (Good Terms) Your access to Discord*, and our servers is removed. You can use the grace policy to return within 30 days -- else you can re-apply as normal starting on day 31. Ex: You notify a staff member prior to leaving with your intent to resign and they respond with acceptance. Note: Failure to receive a response to your resignation request will result in the leave being marked as Bad Terms. Community Kick (Bad Terms) Your access to Discord*, and our servers is removed. You can re-apply 30 days from your leave date. If you are kicked for receiving 3 Major Points; you cannot re-apply for 90 days. Ex: You’re removed from the community for failing to train within 30 days -- or being on LOA for longer than 4 months. Community Ban (Bad Terms) Your access to Discord*, and our servers is removed. Your ability to re-apply to the community is removed. You can appeal the ban via the #ban-appeal channel in Discord 7 days after the ban occurs – and once every 3 months thereafter. If your ban was for illegal activity there is a mandatory 12 months before your first appeal. Do note that, if an appeal passes, this does not reinstate you to the community -- it only removes the block preventing you from re-applying. Ex: You’re banned from the community for violating a community policy. Revolving Door Ban This ban is placed on any member who enters and exits the community on three occasions except based on certain extenuating circumstances (ex: loss of internet and got kicked for inactivity but had no way to tell anyone). You can appeal the ban via the #ban-appeal channel in Discord 7 days after the ban occurs – and once every 3 months thereafter. Do note that, if an appeal passes, this does not reinstate you to the community -- it only removes the block preventing you from re-applying. * Access to Discord refers to access to non-public channels, such as departmental channels, subdivision channels, etc. ** If you have committed an action that results in your ban being extended to Discord as well (removing your ability to appeal normally) -- you must contact a Senior Administrator in order to file your appeal -- which will then take place in the Staff Discord utilizing a temporary invite.
  19. Icey

    Power Abuse Policy

    Power Abuse Policy This policy shall apply to anyone who possesses the ability to Move, Mute, Kick, or Ban within Discord vc or process a transaction in the CAD. Power abuse is to be defined as: "usage of power that is used without justifiable means – for example, moving someone without permission to another channel when they aren't being disruptive". We should all be doing our best to issue a verbal/written warning to offenders first, before using any kind of power. Power abuse will be handled on an "offense" based system; with "offenses" expiring 30 days after issuance so long as another "offense" hasn't occurred. For example, you get a 1st Offense with no other issues for 30 days – it falls off. If you get a 1st Offense then at 29 days, you commit a 2nd Offense, the timer starts over. All "offenses" are wiped once the 30 days have expired. Level Action 1st Offense Warning 2nd Offense Removal of abused power for 7 days. 3rd Offense Demotion (to a lower position if available; otherwise Member).
  20. Paramedic Cheat Sheet - ALS Paramedic Cheat Sheet As a paramedic, your job is to render advanced medical care to a patient in order to stabilize them enough to get them to a hospital. This means you can do everything that you could do as an EMT but also do even more. You have to remember that not everyone is a medical professional so go off of what you are given in regards to signs,symptoms, and vitals. Also keep up with the EMT cheat sheet as well as being a paramedic you also need to know the material in there as well. Assessment As a paramedic you are able to dive deeper into what’s going on with a patient by looking at things like an ECG so you can better diagnose them. It creates avenues that you can now do more for the patient depending on the diagnosis. The first thing you should do is start off with the basic assessment skills outlined in the EMT cheat sheet. Cardiac When there is any kind of event that may involve the heart as a paramedic you have the ability to use a 12 lead ECG. In RP, how you would do this is by in /me asking what does the pts (patient’s) ECG look like or what is their heart rhythm or something to that nature. When someone is in cardiac arrest there are only 2 heart rhythms that you can shock and that it will do something. That is Ventricular Tachycardia and Ventricular Fibrillation or Vtach and Vfib, that is when the heart’s electrical impulses are messed up and shocking them would reset the heart. When a person is flat line or asystole the only thing that will bring them back is CPR and medications which will be outlined in the Pharmacology section. You must continue CPR if a person goes into asystole, if they remain in asystole after 2 pulse checks then call a time of death. Stroke/Seizures When someone is having a stroke the best way to tell is by using a stroke scale which consists of 3 tests and if the patient fails any 2 of the 3 tests then they are most likely having a stroke. Ask the patient to smile if there is any kind of facial droop to one side that’s an indication of a stroke. Ask the patient to hold both hands out in front of them and if one starts to drift down then that’s a sign of a stroke Another sign is any kind of slurred speed or if the patient is mute and not normally The best way to handle these is to monitor their blood pressure and treat as you see it. For an individual having a seizure more than likely when you get on scene it will be post seizure so they will most likely be out of it and not all together. It is at this point you highly recommend they go to the hospital. It is important to obtain if they have any history of seizures or if they take any meds for it. If a person is actively having a seizure give versed 5-10mg IV or in the muscle. Hyper/Hypo Glycemic Shock >250 Hyper <60 Hypo As a Paramedic, to mitigate a hypoglycemic emergency, you can use oral glucose. But, if the patient is unconscious or altered and not alert and oriented, you can give this solution called D10 which comes in a 250mL bag, and is a solution of carbohydrates that increase the blood sugar rapidly. At first, you should give 100mLs and the patient should wake up or become alert and oriented. After a patient has come out of their Hypoglycemic state, check their vitals once more and ask them if they would like to go to the hospital, if they are alert and oriented; they do not have to go. For Hyperglycemia, the way to help is to dilute by Saline given IV. Mass-Casualty Incidents (MCI): A Mass-Casualty Incident, or MCI, is a scene with multiple patients and not enough resources or personnel to provide one-on-one patient care. A MCI will be declared by the first arriving unit at the scene of the incident after they conduct a basic survey of the scene; specifically looking at how many patients are on-scene and what is a rough idea of injuries. This information will then be relayed to Fire Control who in turn will notify responding units. Once additional units arrive on-scene, they will conduct a further sweep and examine patient injuries. When patient injuries are determined, the patients will then be given a colour code (Reference the Colour Code System below). Immediate (Red): Patients who have major life-threatening injuries, but are salvageable given the resources available. Delayed (Yellow): Patients who have non-life-threatening injuries, but are unable to walk or exhibit an altered mental status. "Walking wounded" (Green): Patients who are able to ambulate out of the incident area to a treatment area. Expectant (Grey): Patients whose injuries make survival unlikely with resources available. Deceased (Black): Patients who show no signs of life. Once codes are determined this will be relayed to the Incident Commander who will then arrange appropriate transportation and will remain in communication with Fire Control (Fire Comm). Advanced Procedures Intravenous Therapy: Using a needle to insert a catheter into a vein this is a skill you will do often to administer meds and give patients fluids it can only be done by medics. Intraosseous Therapy: a drill and a special catheter that are designed to drill into the skin and into the Humeral Head (upper arm near shoulder) or Tibial Head (upper shin just below knee). This is used if IV access can not be achieved or medication needs to be absorbed extremely rapidly. As soon as the IO is established, flush the catheter using Lidocaine mix in saline prior to medicine or bolus. Endotracheal intubation: If a patient cannot secure his own airway then we might have to do it for him. We do this by putting a tube directly into the patient’s trachea. With this we can actively use a BVM to breathe for a patient that may not be breathing adequately or at all. Cricothyrotomy: If you are unable to intubate a patient due to swelling or other circumstances where their mouth cannot be cleared as a last resort you as a medic can perform a surgical procedure in order to get a patient air. You cut a hole just under the patient’s thyroid membrane in order to insert an endotracheal tube into their trachea past the vocal cords. Needle Decompression: Indications of this are if a patient has an active pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and when you listen to a patient's lungs you will hear diminished breath sounds or no breath sounds to one side. We have DARTs that are a long needle with a one way valve fixture. This is inserted into the PTs side between the 2nd and 3rd rib on the side of the pneumothorax to repressurize the cavity around the lungs. If you run out of DARTs on a scene then you could take a needle 18g, 16g, or even 14g (gauge the smaller the number the wider the orifice on the needle) and insert it into the patient's chest and secure it. You do this as many times as it takes in order to make the patient breathe better. Pharmacology (Medications) It is ok not to know exact dosages for medications, when you are doing your /me it is better for you to just know the correct medication to use and draw it up. Ex. /me draws up fentanyl and pushes Also when able try to add what that specific medication you give to your patient does, if you don’t know it then that is ok as well. Aspirin: Anti-inflammatory drug that blocks the clotting factor of the blood, it can be used in chest pains as well as other inflammation. Amiodarone: this can be used on patients in V-Fib and V-Tech as it steadys and slows the electrical impulses on the heart and thus helps regulate them. Given via IV or IO. Atropine: It's an anticholinergic that increases heart rate, and decreases gastrointestinal secretions. Used when a patient has bradycardia, as well as low blood pressure secondary to bradycardia, as well as any organophosphate poisoning. Given via IV. Benadryl: Can be used with minor allergic reactions as well as early anaphylaxis. Cardizem: A calcium channel blocker designed to relax vessel stress, decrease heart rate and blood pressure, and decrease the load on the cardiac muscles. This medication is administered by attaching the vial of cardizem powder to the cardizem IV bag and shake to mix, then connect IV line to PT and administer. This should be given to PTs with unstable Tachycardia, Atrial Fibrillation, Atrial Flutter, and Chest pain as a result of angina and not Myocardial infarction (STEMI). Given Via IV. Dextrose (D10): Given to patients who are in a hypoglycemic shock (Blood sugar level lower than 60MG/DL) Given via IV Epinephrine/ Adrenalin: Comes in different concentrations and these concentrations can be used for different things. {Do not administer to patients with elevated heart rates, pregnant, or have heart disease} 1:1000: For bronchodilation (opens up the lungs a bit). For Severe asthma, severe allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock. Given in the muscle or inhaled with nebulizer 1:10,000: treatment and prophylaxis of cardiac arrest. Given Via IV or IO. Fentanyl: Narcotic, depressant that decreases sensitivity to pain and vasodialates (drops blood pressure). Given via IV, IO. {once narcan is administered this will stop working, Do not give to patients with respiratory blockage or distress} Hydroxocobalamin (Vit B12a): used on patients with known or suspected Cyanide toxicity. Given via IV or IO. Ketamine: can be used as a pain medication in very small doses, used for anesthetics. Given via IV or IO. {Do not administer to PTs with head trauma or Extreme elevation of BP} Lactated Ringer (LR) solution: is the primary intravenous (IV) fluid you give to dehydrated, trauma patients experiencing blood loss, burn victims, etc. This solution contains more electrolytes and nutrients then regular saline and will rehydrate and maintain a healthy nutrient level. Giving too much fluid on a patient with internal or external bleeding can result in them becoming flooded with too much fluid and not enough blood, therefore keep the Blood pressure stable at 80-90 systolic (top number). Lidocaine: Anesthetic that can be used to temporarily numb a patient as well as it reduces the speed of electrical impulses in the heart slowing down the patient’s heart. Given via IO or topically via ointment. {do not administer if PTs have WPWs on monitor, Heart blocks noted on monitor, a pre-diagnosed decreased blood potassium level} Morphine: Narcotic that can be used to reduce pain. Can cause low blood pressure as well as a low pulse. Given via IV, IO {once narcan is administered this will stop working, Do not give to patients with respiratory blockage or distress} Narcan: A medication that TEMPORARILY negates the effects of opioids. Given via IV or IN. Nitroglycerine: Comes in a spray or tablet that is dissolved under the tongue it used when patients have chest pain of cardiac origin and their systolic blood pressure is above 180. {do not give to PTs who have a known sensitivity to nitrate medications. Have taken erectile dysfunction medications within the past 24 hours, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, Staxyn, sildenafil, avanafil, tadalafil or vardenafil. Are hypotensive (typically <90 SBP)} Norepinephrine: This is given to Patients in septic shock after an IV Bolus (duel arm saline given via IV or IO) is established. This is used to maintain the heart and keep pollutants from being pushed faster by adrenaline. Given via IV or IO accompanying the Bolus. Sodium bicarb: Can be used as in a late cardiac arrest, Combines with acids to increase PH. can be used with severe acidosis due to hyperventilation. Can also be given to Patients with suspected Crush trauma. Given via IV or IO. Succinylcholine: It’s a paralytic and skeletal muscle reactant that can be used with intubation, it paralyzes skeletal muscles, including respiratory muscles. Given via IV or IO. Tranexamic Acid (TXA): Antifibrinolytic that promotes blood clots and helps control bleeding in severe hemorrhage patients. Note: Before you administer TXA on external bleeding, attempt pressure with sterile dressing, tourniquets, etc., and consider transport time to the nearest hospital. Do not administer TXA if the patient is close to definitive care. If you are close to a hospital, immediately begin administering IV/IO fluid. Given VIA IV or IO. Tylenol (Paracetamol):: Usually taken orally. It is a pain reliever that reduces pain or fever. Should not be used if the patient has any liver disease. Versed: Benzodiazepine that can be used for sedation as well as with a seizure and in small doses pain management this drug will make a patient drowsy and out of it. Given via IV, IO, IM, or IN. {Do not give to PTs with history of drug abuse, Kidney failure, heart failure, decreased lung function, decreased blood flow to extremities} Zofran: used when the patient is experiencing nausea or vomiting for relief. Given via IV, IO, IM, or IN. These are not all of the meds you can use if you have substantial knowledge about a medication that a paramedic could give; you can give it. Medication Routes Intramuscular (IM): you directly inject medication into a patient's muscular tissue, doing this may make the medication work a little slower. Intranasally (IN): By using a mist with a syringe with a tip on it to squirt medication into a patient's nose the most common medication for this is narcan. Intravenous (IV): Injecting the medication directly into the patients veins is one of the quickest ways for medication to take effect. Intraosseous (IO): By drilling directly into the bone the patient receives medication directly into the bone marrow and is another fast way for medication to begin working on a patient. Equipment: A comprehensive list of common equipment we use, and how/why they are used when they are is listed here. While this isn’t gospel it will go a long way in helping make your use of them correct, and bring knowledge of them to you for use when they are appropriate or not.
  21. Icey


    Orientation INTRODUCTION Welcome to TROA. We are a gaming community based around FiveM and use whitelisted enterprise-grade servers with custom vehicles and scripts. Our primary mission is to provide a serious role-play environment where we use FiveM to role-play as emergency services personnel, civilians, dispatchers and much more. This community is built upon five core values which are Integrity, Professionalism, Compassion, Accountability, and Respect. ORIENTATION - Read the Rules! General Rules General Community Rules: Discord is a requirement. If you leave the Discord server, it is considered a resignation. Administrators and Staff will try to keep everyone on topic while in Discord, so when asked, move off-topic chats to the appropriate channel. Don’t be an asshole. Political discussion is discouraged as your political leanings don’t matter here. Feel free to post or discuss in the appropriate channel, but understand you might be ignored. Don’t be an asshole. No, really, don’t. You may not give out personal information about other members. For Discord, check the pins in each channel before contributing to the channel. Illegal activity will be dealt with on a case by case basis -- likely immediate removal, permanent ban, and blacklist from our affiliates. Admission to illegal activity in-real-life is grounds for immediate removal, permanent ban, and blacklist from our affiliates -- we don’t want your drama; at all. You are NOT allowed to abuse any privileges that you may have while here. Act appropriately. We do not play politics with other communities. We have our own rules, our own servers, our own Staff and Admins, and a purpose. We as an entity are concerned about ourselves, no one else. We don’t spread rumors about you, so there is no need to spread rumors about us. Furthermore -- we do not tolerate unnecessary drama of any sort. There is no place for it here, as this community is an escape from our normal lives to come and play games, and have fun together. You may not be in Discord while under the influence of alcohol, with the exception of specific events that would be announced in the Discord in Five M section. FiveM Specific Rules: Returning to scene after injury, death, being taken to the hospital, or being taken to jail is not permitted. We do not “10-22” or disregard situations. If it is seen, it must be roleplayed. There is to be no out-of-character interactions while in the server. Period. Use of outside communication tools (Discord Calls, other Discord Servers, Snapchat, etc.) are not permitted for patrol. Any kind of coordination for scenes, character development, or discussion related to patrol or Aspirant policies and procedures should occur in the TROA Discord. Third-party communication for these types of things aren't permitted. Avatar & Username Rules: No NSFW or semi-NSFW avatars in Discord Keep emoticon use in usernames to a minimum. Not a hard rule - just be smart. No provocative, inappropriate, overly sexual, or distracting names/userpics. Photos of community members are not allowed as avatars on discord (unless you can prove that the photo is of you) Sound clips of other community members are not allowed unless EXPLICIT permission is given by that person. No political avatars. Politics is an IRL thing - we play video games here. Be smart! Inappropriate Behavior towards YouTube / Twitch Streamers: We have some prolific YouTubers / Twitch streamers in our Discord. Don't @TAG excessively in Discord. Or fanboy/fangirl over them excessively. That's a pretty quick ticket to getting kicked from the server or silenced in Discord. They are human, treat them as such. You're a human too. Be chill - I promise it's not so bad. Don't constantly just talk about them - we have other members too! Don't be an idiot - simple as that. Discord Server Our Discord server is set up for different roles based on the qualifications you have earned. A lot of useful information is stored our website ( which is your one-stop-shop for all relevant guides, policies, and information for FiveM. Discord’s ease of use and great mobile App make Discord a great platform for communication, instead of using a traditional forum system on a website. Website ( Our website is a resources for all new players and has all our laws and overall community structure we also host other servers be sure to check those out on our website. First Steps - New Recruits As a recruit, your first goal is to get trained, this does depend on if you have applied for in-game or dispatch. If you have applied for IN-GAME: Your interviewer should have provided you with the Civilian SOP and a quiz. Once completed, your quiz will be graded, and you will be notified if you passed or failed. If you pass, you'll be a given a role that lets you see #civilian-training so you can complete the in-game portion. If you fail, you will be sent a new quiz. You’ll need to complete civilian Tier 1 training to become a member. You have 30 days to complete your initial training from the point you have passed your interview. Once you have completed Tier 1 training you’ll be whitelisted for our main server and can start roleplaying with others. If you have applied for DISPATCH: You’ll need to keep an eye on the #training-schedule channel in discord. You’ll need to complete Dispatch training to become a member. You have 30 days to complete your initial training from the point you have passed your interview. Once you have completed Dispatch training you’ll be given access to dispatch comms and will be able to start patrolling as a dispatcher. Do note that once you have completed your training, you will have to patrol for an hour once a month to remain compliant and keep your status as a member of this community.
  22. Icey

    Member Vouch Policy

    Member Vouch Policy This policy can be used by any active, trained Member (not LOA) that doesn't currently have any disciplinary action (points on record) in order to request leniency on reviewing a potential member's application. This policy doesn't circumvent the application – but rather uses the member's word to supplement the information provided on the application. In many instances this can cause a member who would be denied for lack of detail to instead be accepted. The following guidelines apply to vouches: Each Member only has one vouch. If the person you vouch leaves or is kicked; your vouch is returned. If the person you vouch is banned for community policy violations (not double clanning); your vouch is forfeited. You must have at least 30 days of trained membership time in the community in order to vouch for someone. Your vouch request must be submitted via your primary departmental Chain of Command – starting at the lowest level. You must include the person's name, their Steam hex, and a description of why you wish to vouch for them. It's helpful to include information about their roleplay skills or other talents in this description. A vouch request must be received and accepted before the person applies. A vouch received after the fact won't be valid. All active vouches will be tracked on this document. Member Applicant
  23. Icey

    MBU Training

    MBU Training Controlled Driving Course Above is the controlled course you will be taking to pass the initial stage of MBU training. During this test you will be showing your ability to maintain control of the motorcycle at high speeds and show you can clear intersection’s correctly and safely. You cannot crash the motorcycle at any time or hit any vehicle on the road way. Remember while riding you must stay aware of your surroundings. That includes what is behind you as well. You will get one practice run and two attempts. You must keep all wheels on the ground at all times. You must keep control of the bike at all times. You must change siren tones throughout the course The time for this course is 6 minutes and 45 seconds Hitting pedestrians or destruction/immobilization of the motorbike in any of the above training modules will result in immediate failure. Weapons Course This course will teach you how to utilize the nearest available cover during an active gunfight to help prevent injury. Remember once on a traffic stop the officer can control where it is conducted. To start this course inform the officer that it will be started by a simple traffic stop in an area of the trainers choosing. During this course the trainer will aim and fire at the officer who will attempt to take cover in the safest manner possible, also the trainer will inform the MBU trainee that their weapon structure is the same as regular LEO minus Carbine/Shotgun. Unless you acquire someone’s from a vehicle on an active scene. M.B.U cannot go to shot’s fired call unless it is an all call Vehicle Pursuits The ultimate benefit the Motorbike Unit possesses is the agility of a motorbike and the training of a Motor Officer to efficiently maneuver through traffic while responding to a call or during a pursuit. Motor Officers can use their training to stay with vehicles fleeing at high speeds where a patrol car may not otherwise proceed. Or to arrive at a scene and be able to render aid first or provide back up. However at high speeds weaving in and out of traffic can be quite dangerous. it is up to the MBU to use their best judgement, diligence and skills to ensure they don’t crash and injure or kill themselves M.B.U.s are only permitted to take primary on pursuits against motorcycles. However, they are still permitted on pursuits with normal vehicles so long as they are at the end of the pursuit. Prohibited actions while M.B.U While you are running as an active motorcycle unit you cannot do the following things on the bike Wheelies at any time. This will be counted as reckless driving if seen you may lose your MBU certificate Stopies once again at any time this will be counted as reckless driving Any reckless riding that could put your life or other lives at danger. Firing or trying to tase from the bike. You cannot fire your weapon or taser from the bike at any time. You must get off the bike first. Attempted to use your batton or flashlight while on the bike. Once again you cannot use these items while on the bike. You must get off of it first.
  24. Icey

    Marksman Training

    Marksman Training Training for the Marksman School will take place in several locations through San Andreas. The trainer will cover the SOP with the student/students beforehand, and assist them in completing the following exercises. Exercise 1: Observation Point Selection and Intelligence Gathering. The Student will be instructed that suspects have taken hostages in a given building. Their job will be to select an appropriate observation point to allow them maximum visibility into the target location with sufficient personal concealment. The Training Officer will be inside the building and must be described by the student to the training officer in appearance, clothing, and what they are currently doing. (Change your appearance) Exercise 2: The Roof of Human Labs overlooking the Parking Lot The Student will be instructed that a particular vehicle in the parking lot belongs to a suspect. Their task is to select an observation point and identify the target vehicle to the Training Officer. (The Training Officer will randomize the vehicle, position, and description for each trainee in the class.) The trainee will be required to describe the vehicle, and explain its location clearly. Exercise 3: Buildings overlooking Vespucci Beach Promenade The Student will be instructed that a suspect is expected to pass through their Area of Operations and must be identified for a Warrant Service. They will be given a visual description of the target and must identify and track their movement along the boardwalk. (As with the first situation, the Training Officer will randomize this for each student. Use an NPC character, and behave like one.) Exercise 4: Force Utilization The Student and Training Officer will establish an Observation Point at a location selected by the trainer. The trainee will be given a target by the Training Officer and be tasked with eliminating a particular threat using a center mass shot. The trainee will have a maximum of two shots to eliminate a given target.
  25. Icey

    Marksman Qualification

    San Andreas Law Enforcement Marksman Qualification Introduction The purpose of the Marksman’s School is to train and make available qualified personnel from the Law Enforcement Departments of San Andreas with advanced skills in intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and extended range force utilization. Equipment The marksman is qualified to carry a bolt action sniper rifle (Sniper Rifle, Advanced Scope) within the trunk of their vehicle. Intelligence Gathering and Reconnaissance The primary function of a Designated Marksman within Law Enforcement is the gathering of intelligence in field operations to enable Scene Commanders to have a better picture of a particular scene or crisis situation. Their ability to use direct observations to identify the suspect(s) and civilian(s) can prove critical to the successful resolution of a given situation. Designated Marksmen; their Equipment and Utilization Qualified personnel patrol as their regular duty departments in the field. They carry their rifle (Sniper rifle; Advanced Scope) in the trunk of their patrol vehicle in its case. Qualified personnel can be called upon by Scene Commanders to respond to a scene to provide their skills. In all facets, these officers operate like patrol units and are marked as their current patrolling department, be this Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, State Troopers. If a qualified officer is active with a particular state division, they must return to a station and activate as primary Law Enforcement Agency before responding. Selection of Observation Points A Marksman’s observation point is a critical choice in the field. No two situations are the same, and it is the responsibility of the marksman to select a suitable location to establish their observation point. In an ideal situation, a marksman must select an elevated location where they are provided the best visibility of their target. Depending on the circumstances, it would be preferable to not silhouette themselves against the skyline where cover and visibility allows. The Marksman must select a location that is safe, and provides the ability to cover as much of the target location as possible without the need to relocate to another building or position. If this is not possible, another location should be chosen or re positioned as required. Note: We are not able to deploy with ASU assets at this time, in the future, we will operate and train with SWAT units for aerial purposes. Target identification As with all Law Enforcement Force Utilization, the Marksman must clearly identify their target and their potential threat. During barricaded situations, identifying civilians and suspects and clearly describing them to the Scene Commander and units on-scene can help to reduce casualties and more accurately visualise a situation to Officers on the ground. This can help should a suspect attempt to disguise themselves, or use other methods of subterfuge. Scene Command Coordination Radio coordination with Scene Command is the most critical element of the Marksman’s role. They are a similar asset to Air One in this regard. Their job is to provide up-to-date intelligence to the Scene Commander or Supervisor, allowing them to gain a tactical advantage. This should be conducted over the radio and kept current should circumstances change. The marksman is the eyes of the Scene Commander. Extended Range Force Utilization Use of Force within Law Enforcement is a last resort utilized to save lives and preserve peace. Once an individual poses a lethal risk to life; Lethal Force is authorized. In the role of the Marksman, this can differ from scene to scene. Application of Force should be discussed with the Scene Commander before it becomes necessary so that all parties are aware of their rules of engagement. Unless the Marksman is given a free fire order by the Scene Commander, any shots must be authorized before being sent downrange. Note: Marksmen are not to be utilized to disable suspect vehicles parked on barricade scenes. Notes For Scene Commanders/Supervisors Marksman trained personnel are now available and operational within San Andreas, this is a powerful tool, but one that should be used responsibly when necessary. Primarily it's a powerful observation tool allowing commanders to have enhanced visibility and 'eyes on' awareness of movement and events unfolding within barricade situations. Marksmen should not be deployed in a free roam or impromptu manner or during mobile situations and extreme care should be taken with regards to the backdrop of targets given the rifle round's penetrating power. Marksman has an awesome ability to help keep people safe, and improve awareness and in extreme circumstances, end a standoff… we are even a potent negotiating chit, however that is our last resort. Taking a shot is our last measure, please consider this. Also consider how powerful this tool is and the potential it has to utterly smoosh civilian priority scenes if deployed recklessly.
  26. Icey

    Leave of Absence Policy

    Leave of Absence Leave of Absence or LOA is available to all members of TROA. Some levels of staff do have additional requirements for an LOA that can be found in staff or SA documents. This is the base LOA policy for members. Going on LOA LOA requests must be submitted prior to going past the 30 day activity requirement. You can submit a LOA via the CAD, or contact your first point of contact in your CoC and request a manual LOA be submitted on your behalf. They will pass it up to the correct level. Once an LOA is accepted all designated roles and permissions will be removed. While on LOA When on LOA You are still bound to the DC policy. This includes: Going on LOA but patrolling on other servers. Abusing the LOA system will result in disciplinary actions that can be up to and including removal from the community. Examples: Coming off LOA, not patrolling, then going back into LOA. If you come off of LOA that means you are ready to patrol. Consistently using LOA system to avoid the activity requirement LOA’s have a max of 4 month deferment of activity, longer requiring a SA waiver. You will be messaged at around 4 months on a status If you need longer it will be passed to an SA for reasoning, and continued checks on status. If there is no response, or if SA’s decide not to extend the LOA, you can be brought off LOA back to active, or removed from the community. Coming off LOA When you are coming off LOA regardless of reason all of your roles and permissions will be reapplied. If you are missing any, it is the responsibility of the person coming off the LOA to communicate if there are any issues with either. Once you are back from LOA you have 48 hours to patrol. Your activity timer does not get reset, this is your responsibility. Do not come off LOA unless you are ready to patrol within the 48 hour window.
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