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    Welcome to TROA NPO!

    Starting July 1st, 2024, TROA NPO embarks on a transformative journey as we transition to nonprofit incorporation, marking a pivotal moment in our evolution. This milestone enhances our capacity to provide exceptional online gaming experiences and make meaningful contributions to both local and online communities.

    TROA founded in 2017 with a commitment to delivering top-tier online gaming experiences, TROA has evolved into a robust organization dedicated to creating positive impacts. Under the leadership of Marc Petersen, who has over 20+ years of experience in creating and leading successful teams, Marc is also known for his extensive community involvement and philanthropic efforts. He actively supports multiple organizations and causes, including Walk for the Darkness, Walk for Cancer, Scouting of America, local churches, and other nonprofits.

    Marc Petersen also owns THE SPARTAN IT GROUP, LLC, specializing in app and web development for small to medium-sized businesses in central Indiana. TROA has expanded its capabilities under Marc's leadership. Our team of 18 professionals is committed to these efforts.

    Community engagement is central to TROA, demonstrated through initiatives like giveaways and community nights, with exciting plans for future endeavors. Our infrastructure is robust, currently supported by 8 servers with plans to expand to 25, ensuring unparalleled service and support. Strategic partnerships with Spectrum on an enterprise level further strengthen our operational prowess.

    Our dedication to excellence is evident in our enterprise panel, which optimizes critical servers and tools for peak performance. We invest in cutting-edge hardware to ensure operational reliability and security. Upholding stringent confidentiality agreements and operational standards cultivates a culture of integrity and professionalism among our team.

    As we navigate this transition, we invite you to join us on our journey of growth and innovation. Our diverse, international team is steadfast in realizing TROA's vision for an exciting future. Stay tuned as we introduce our new leadership team and unveil plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

    Thank you for your support and enthusiasm as we embark on this next chapter together. For more information and updates, please visit our website.

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