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Transition July 2024



Welcome to TROA NPO!

Starting July 1st, 2024, we are transitioning to a nonprofit incorporation. This change will enable us to enhance our overall customer experience and allow us to give back to both the local and online communities where our company is located.

We are currently transitioning from being just an online community NPO to becoming a full-fledged company. As part of this transition, we will be updating our website to include a company section and an "About Us" page.

I would like to introduce myself—my name is Marc Petersen, and I am the president and owner of THE SPARTAN IT GROUP, LLC founded in 2015, an MSP that focuses on app and web app development for small to medium-sized businesses in central Indiana. We have 16 employees at THE SPARTAN IT GROUP. I founded TROA back in 2017, and this year, I set up the NPO because I have a passion for giving back. As a philanthropist, I enjoy seeing people happy and solving problems in both local and online communities. This is the best course of action for TROA. We host giveaways and community nights, and things are only going to get better.

We currently have 8 servers and plan to expand to 25, which will give us a significant advantage. We are connected on an enterprise level with Spectrum. Welcome to the next adventure as we close one chapter and start a new one. I am very proud of all our new leaders, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for 2025!

TROA has grown significantly over the years. With this next step, we have created an enterprise panel that holds all the important servers and tools our staff use, allowing for better and quicker response times. The team is currently getting accustomed to daily email use. We have developed an ERP and an overall system that monitors our servers. We will continue to mature these systems and keep the momentum going forward. TROA also has some of the best hardware money can buy—I did not skimp on hardware. All current employees have signed an NDA and acknowledged the handbook. We ask that the community please bare with us as things change; Discord will change. We will have operating hours starting July 20th for support, running on a 24-hour cycle.

We have built a diverse, international team with employees from all over the globe. We are excited about the future and the plans we have for TROA for the rest of this year and as we enter our first fiscal year starting next January. FY25, here we come!

I am thrilled to introduce our new leadership team for the NPO. While some names may already be familiar, these individuals will officially be officers of the company or employees as of July 1st, 2024.

Without further ado, please join me in welcoming your TROA leadership team for 2024!

If you have any questions, please let us know. Exciting things are on the horizon!

    President of TROA: @Street™
    Vice President of TROA: @E͓̽ʋ͓̽ι͓̽ʅ͓̽X͓̽ʅ͓̽ι͓̽ʋ͓̽Ǝ͓̽
    Chief of Game Operations: @Papercut-Ninja
    Chief of Communications & Discord Operations: @thFinalJugement
    Chief of Server & Development: @HTae
    Chief of Information Systems: @smh
    Community Sr. Director: @Kira
    Community Lead Overseas Officer: @Toylegman
    Community Sr. Server Administrator: @Magc
    Community Server Administrator: @JJG
    Community Server Administrator: @Squishy_Mcgee
    Community Development Officer: @White Chewbacca
    Community Development Officer: @ethan
    Community Lead Moderator: @Sniper86ed
    Community Developer: @Battlehawk
    Community Systems Administrator: @phoenixwolf
    Community Moderator: @Dom

Please join me in congratulating these amazing people!

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