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Marksman Training


Marksman Training

Training for the Marksman School will take place in several locations through San Andreas. The trainer will cover the SOP with the student/students beforehand, and assist them in completing the following exercises.

Exercise 1: Observation Point Selection and Intelligence Gathering.

The Student will be instructed that suspects have taken hostages in a given building. Their job will be to select an appropriate observation point to allow them maximum visibility into the target location with sufficient personal concealment. The Training Officer will be inside the building and must be described by the student to the training officer in appearance, clothing, and what they are currently doing. (Change your appearance)

Exercise 2: The Roof of Human Labs overlooking the Parking Lot

The Student will be instructed that a particular vehicle in the parking lot belongs to a suspect. Their task is to select an observation point and identify the target vehicle to the Training Officer.
(The Training Officer will randomize the vehicle, position, and description for each trainee in the class.) The trainee will be required to describe the vehicle, and explain its location clearly.

Exercise 3: Buildings overlooking Vespucci Beach Promenade

The Student will be instructed that a suspect is expected to pass through their Area of Operations and must be identified for a Warrant Service. They will be given a visual description of the target and must identify and track their movement along the boardwalk.

(As with the first situation, the Training Officer will randomize this for each student. Use an NPC character, and behave like one.)

Exercise 4: Force Utilization

The Student and Training Officer will establish an Observation Point at a location selected by the trainer. The trainee will be given a target by the Training Officer and be tasked with eliminating a particular threat using a center mass shot.

The trainee will have a maximum of two shots to eliminate a given target.

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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