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  • TROA Community Code of Conduct


    Greetings, fellow Explorers! Ensuring a secure and positive environment within the TROA community is paramount to us. To foster constructive interactions, we request your strict adherence to the regulations outlined in this Code of Conduct when participating in community activities.

    1. General Code of Conduct

    Respect and Inclusivity

    • Respect: Treat every member with respect. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of toxicity based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic will not be tolerated.
    • Inclusivity: Be mindful of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Ensure all members feel welcome and valued.

    Language and Communication

    • Appropriate Language: Use language that is consistently age-appropriate and respectful.
    • No Hate Speech: Zero tolerance for hate speech, harassment, stalking, threats, or any other form of abusive content.
    • No Spamming: Absolutely no tolerance for spamming or intentional annoyance of fellow users.

    Privacy and Personal Information

    • Privacy: Do not share personal information about yourself or others without explicit consent.
    • Reporting: Report any breaches of the Code of Conduct to a member of the Moderation Staff using the designated channels or by emailing [email protected].

    Moderation and Enforcement

    • Moderator Authority: Follow the instructions of the moderators. Their role is to ensure a positive environment and enforce these rules.
    • Disciplinary Actions: Violation of these rules will prompt appropriate actions from our Moderation Staff, including warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from the community.

    2. Code of Conduct for Company Employees and Non-Employees

    Professionalism and Ethics

    • Professional Behavior: Maintain professionalism in all interactions. Be courteous and respectful to colleagues, community members, and partners.
    • Ethical Conduct: Adhere to ethical standards in all activities. Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts promptly.

    Communication and Collaboration

    • Clear Communication: Communicate clearly and effectively. Avoid using jargon or technical language that others may not understand.
    • Collaboration: Work collaboratively with others, valuing their input and perspectives.


    • Confidential Information: Protect confidential information. Do not disclose or use any confidential information for personal gain.
    • NDA Violations: Employees who disclose any information covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or other confidential information will be terminated on the spot and banned from TROA.

    Reporting and Feedback

    • Reporting Issues: Report any issues or concerns to your supervisor or the designated contact person.
    • Constructive Feedback: Provide feedback in a constructive manner. Focus on solutions and improvements rather than criticism.

    3. Discord Code of Conduct

    Welcome to The Realms of Asgard Discord server! To ensure a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all members, we have established the following Code of Conduct. By participating in this server, you agree to adhere to these guidelines:

    Respect and Inclusivity

    • Kindness: Treat all members with respect and kindness. Harassment, discrimination, and hate speech will not be tolerated.
    • Diverse Perspectives: Be mindful of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

    Communication Etiquette

    • Appropriate Language: Use appropriate language and tone in all channels.
    • No Spamming: Avoid spamming, trolling, and disruptive behavior.
    • Voice Channels: Mute your microphone when not speaking in voice channels to minimize background noise.

    Content Guidelines

    • Relevant Content: Keep content in channels relevant to the channel topic.
    • No NSFW Content: Do not share NSFW content, including explicit, violent, or otherwise inappropriate material.
    • Privacy: Avoid sharing personal information about yourself or others.

    Self-Promotion and Advertising

    • Designated Channels: Refrain from self-promotion, including sharing your own social media links, streams, or other projects, unless in designated channels or with permission from moderators.
    • No Advertising: Do not advertise or promote products, services, or other Discord servers.
    • Twitch Requests: Use the designated ticket system to request permission for Twitch-related activities and follow the instructions provided.

    Feedback and Suggestions

    • Constructive Feedback: Provide feedback and suggestions in a constructive and respectful manner.
    • No Demands: Do not demand changes or roles that are unnecessary or disruptive.

    Adherence to Discord Terms of Service

    • Discord Policies: Follow Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines at all times. Any activities that violate Discord’s policies are strictly prohibited.

    Reporting Issues

    • Report Misconduct: Report any issues or violations of the Code of Conduct to the moderators or admins. Do not engage in public arguments or confrontations; allow moderators to handle the situation.

    Moderation and Enforcement

    • Moderator Decisions: Respect the decisions of moderators and admins. Repeated violations of the Code of Conduct may result in warnings, temporary mutes, or bans.
    • Positive Engagement: Participate actively and positively in the community. Share your experiences, help others, and enjoy your time in The Realms of Asgard!

    4. Website Code of Conduct

    Respectful Interaction

    • Polite Communication: Interact with others on the website in a polite and respectful manner.
    • No Harassment: Harassment, discrimination, and hate speech are strictly prohibited.

    Content Guidelines

    • Relevant Posts: Ensure that posts and comments are relevant to the topic at hand.
    • No Inappropriate Content: Do not share explicit, violent, or otherwise inappropriate content.
    • Privacy: Respect the privacy of others and do not share personal information without consent.

    Use of Online Applications

    • Application Processes: TROA uses online applications for many of the games we host and for internal hiring processes.
    • Prohibited Actions: Do not abuse the application systems. Any attempts to manipulate or abuse these systems will result in automatic banning from the TROA website.
    • Appeals: If banned, you must post an appeal in the designated Discord channel. Appeals are subject to approval by the Owners of TROA.

    Adherence to Terms of Service (TOS)

    • TOS Compliance: Breaking any part of the TROA Terms of Service will result in immediate banning from the website.
    • Respect Guidelines: Follow all guidelines outlined in the TROA Terms of Service to maintain a positive community environment.

    Reporting Issues

    • Report Violations: Report any violations of the Code of Conduct, suspicious activities, or TOS breaches to the website administrators or Discord moderators.

    By adhering to these guidelines and the TROA Terms of Service, we can uphold a respectful and safe environment on the TROA website. Thank you for your cooperation!

    5. Game Server Code of Conduct

    General Rules for All Game Servers

    • Fair Play: Foster a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Cheating, hacking, or exploiting game mechanics is strictly prohibited.
    • Respect: Treat all players with respect and courtesy.
    • No Bullying: Bullying or intimidating behavior will not be tolerated.

    Space Engineers Server

    • Constructive Building: Engage in constructive building and respect other players' creations.
    • No Griefing: Griefing, or intentionally destroying other players' work, is strictly prohibited.
    • Resource Sharing: Share resources fairly and cooperate with other players.
    • Eden and Genesis Servers: Eden is for PC only, while Genesis supports crossplay. Follow the directions when requesting grid restores and adhere to all posted rules in the server lobby.

    FiveM TROA RP Server

    • Roleplay Etiquette: Adhere to roleplay etiquette and remain in character during interactions.
    • No Metagaming: Avoid metagaming or using out-of-character information to influence in-game actions.
    • Whitelist Jobs: Whitelist jobs require an application and possible interview. These positions include PD, EMS, FD, and Government roles. You are required to adhere to these standards and dedicate yourself to growing TROA RP. If caught participating in whitelist jobs on another server, you will be delisted and removed from the TROA RP Server. Non-whitelist jobs are exempt from these rules.

    6. Strike System

    To maintain order and ensure adherence to the Code of Conduct, TROA enforces a four-strike system for violations:

    1. First Strike: A timeout for one week.
    2. Second Strike: A verbal warning.
    3. Third Strike: A documented warning.
    4. Fourth Strike: Removal from TROA and potential ban depending on the severity of the violation.

    Owners and employees of TROA have the right to remove anyone for any reason, with or without cause.

    By following these guidelines, we can maintain a positive and enjoyable community for everyone. Thank you for being a part of The Realms of Asgard!

    7. Appeals Process

    If you believe a decision regarding a strike or ban is unfair or if you wish to appeal:

    • If not banned: Create an appeal ticket on Discord in the designated appeals channel.
    • If banned: Create a ticket in the Appeals section of the TROA website.
    • Alternatively, for website bans: Send an email to [email protected] detailing why you should be unbanned.

    The appeals will be reviewed by the appropriate personnel or moderators, and decisions are subject to approval by TROA's owners.

    8. Misinformation and Bashing

    Spreading misinformation or bashing TROA or our services will not be tolerated, whether it occurs on our Discord/server or any other public platform. If you are unhappy with us, our staff, or the services we provide, please move on to another community. There is no need to become toxic, create drama, or slander our name.

    9. Closing Statement

    TROA NPO/INC is committed to fostering a safe and positive environment within our community. This Code of Conduct serves as our guiding principles to ensure respectful and inclusive interactions among all members. Please note that these guidelines are subject to change with or without notice. It is the responsibility of all users to regularly review and stay updated on any amendments. While TROA will make efforts to inform the community of changes, it remains the users' responsibility to remain informed.

    Thank you for your commitment to upholding these standards and contributing to a welcoming atmosphere in The Realms of Asgard!

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