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Power Abuse Policy


Power Abuse Policy

This policy shall apply to anyone who possesses the ability to Move, Mute, Kick, or Ban within Discord vc or process a transaction in the CAD. Power abuse is to be defined as: "usage of power that is used without justifiable means – for example, moving someone without permission to another channel when they aren't being disruptive". We should all be doing our best to issue a verbal/written warning to offenders first, before using any kind of power.

Power abuse will be handled on an "offense" based system; with "offenses" expiring 30 days after issuance so long as another "offense" hasn't occurred. For example, you get a 1st Offense with no other issues for 30 days – it falls off. If you get a 1st Offense then at 29 days, you commit a 2nd Offense, the timer starts over. All "offenses" are wiped once the 30 days have expired.

Level Action
1st Offense Warning
2nd Offense Removal of abused power for 7 days.
3rd Offense Demotion (to a lower position if available; otherwise Member).

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