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Marksman Qualification


San Andreas Law Enforcement Marksman Qualification


The purpose of the Marksman’s School is to train and make available qualified personnel from the Law Enforcement Departments of San Andreas with advanced skills in intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and extended range force utilization.

The marksman is qualified to carry a bolt action sniper rifle (Sniper Rifle, Advanced Scope) within the trunk of their vehicle.

Intelligence Gathering and Reconnaissance

The primary function of a Designated Marksman within Law Enforcement is the gathering of intelligence in field operations to enable Scene Commanders to have a better picture of a particular scene or crisis situation. Their ability to use direct observations to identify the suspect(s) and civilian(s) can prove critical to the successful resolution of a given situation.

Designated Marksmen; their Equipment and Utilization

Qualified personnel patrol as their regular duty departments in the field. They carry their rifle (Sniper rifle; Advanced Scope) in the trunk of their patrol vehicle in its case. Qualified personnel can be called upon by Scene Commanders to respond to a scene to provide their skills.

In all facets, these officers operate like patrol units and are marked as their current patrolling department, be this Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, State Troopers.  If a qualified officer is active with a particular state division, they must return to a station and activate as primary Law Enforcement Agency before responding.

Selection of Observation Points

A Marksman’s observation point is a critical choice in the field. No two situations are the same, and it is the responsibility of the marksman to select a suitable location to establish their observation point.

In an ideal situation, a marksman must select an elevated location where they are provided the best visibility of their target. Depending on the circumstances, it would be preferable to not silhouette themselves against the skyline where cover and visibility allows.

The Marksman must select a location that is safe, and provides the ability to cover as much of the target location as possible without the need to relocate to another building or position. If this is not possible, another location should be chosen or re positioned as required.

Note: We are not able to deploy with ASU assets at this time, in the future, we will operate and train with SWAT units for aerial purposes.

Target identification

As with all Law Enforcement Force Utilization, the Marksman must clearly identify their target and their potential threat. During barricaded situations, identifying civilians and suspects and clearly describing them to the Scene Commander and units on-scene can help to reduce casualties and more accurately visualise a situation to Officers on the ground.
This can help should a suspect attempt to disguise themselves, or use other methods of subterfuge.

Scene Command Coordination

Radio coordination with Scene Command is the most critical element of the Marksman’s role. They are a similar asset to Air One in this regard. Their job is to provide up-to-date intelligence to the Scene Commander or Supervisor, allowing them to gain a tactical advantage. 

This should be conducted over the radio and kept current should circumstances change.

The marksman is the eyes of the Scene Commander.

Extended Range Force Utilization

Use of Force within Law Enforcement is a last resort utilized to save lives and preserve peace. Once an individual poses a lethal risk to life; Lethal Force is authorized.

In the role of the Marksman, this can differ from scene to scene. Application of Force should be discussed with the Scene Commander before it becomes necessary so that all parties are aware of their rules of engagement. Unless the Marksman is given a free fire order by the Scene Commander, any shots must be authorized before being sent downrange.

Note: Marksmen are not to be utilized to disable suspect vehicles parked on barricade scenes.

Notes For Scene Commanders/Supervisors

Marksman trained personnel are now available and operational within San Andreas, this is a powerful tool, but one that should be used responsibly when necessary. Primarily it's a powerful observation tool allowing commanders to have enhanced visibility and 'eyes on' awareness of movement and events unfolding within barricade situations.

Marksmen should not be deployed in a free roam or impromptu manner or during mobile situations and extreme care should be taken with regards to the backdrop of targets given the rifle round's penetrating power.

Marksman has an awesome ability to help keep people safe, and improve awareness and in extreme circumstances, end a standoff… we are even a potent negotiating chit, however that is our last resort. Taking a shot is our last measure, please consider this.

Also consider how powerful this tool is and the potential it has to utterly smoosh civilian priority scenes if deployed recklessly.

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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