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Leave of Absence Policy


Leave of Absence


Leave of Absence or LOA is available to all members of TROA. Some levels of staff do have additional requirements for an LOA that can be found in staff or SA documents. This is the base LOA policy for members.

Going on LOA

  • LOA requests must be submitted prior to going past the 30 day activity requirement.
  • You can submit a LOA via the CAD, or contact your first point of contact in your CoC  and request a manual LOA be submitted on your behalf. They will pass it up to the correct level.
  • Once an LOA is accepted all designated roles and permissions will be removed.

While on LOA

  • When on LOA You are still bound to the DC policy. This includes:
    • Going on LOA but patrolling on other servers.
  • Abusing the LOA system will result in disciplinary actions that can be up to and including removal from the community.
    • Examples:
      • Coming off LOA, not patrolling, then going back into LOA.
        • If you come off of LOA that means you are ready to patrol.
      • Consistently using LOA system to avoid the activity requirement
  • LOA’s have a max of 4 month deferment of activity, longer requiring a SA waiver.
    • You will be messaged at around 4 months on a status
    • If you need longer it will be passed to an SA for reasoning, and continued checks on status.
    • If there is no response, or if SA’s decide not to extend the LOA, you can be brought off LOA back to active, or removed from the community.

Coming off LOA

  • When you are coming off LOA regardless of reason all of your roles and permissions will be reapplied. If you are missing any, it is the responsibility of the person coming off the LOA to communicate if there are any issues with either.
  • Once you are back from LOA you have 48 hours to patrol. Your activity timer does not get reset, this is your responsibility.
  • Do not come off LOA unless you are ready to patrol within the 48 hour window.

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial


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