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TROA 5/6/2023


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Recruitment post's
•Format into a image
•Have QR codes for those images

TROA 5.1
•10 instances, to 6 instances(PC side)
•Console remains intact(No current changes)

Redesign TROA Website
-Upon expansion TROA will be revisited and redesigned
-Add other games
-Non dedicated games with no servers
No mans sky

Admin Stepback
•Rus is stepping back
•MAGC will likely take over
•Servers will likely transfer to Street

-Plan for 4 more updates
—Convince Street to not block himself
-Try to keep TROA in the "Space Survival" genre

-Backup system is working well
-'Expansion into more games will generate more traffic to the community' (Paraphrase of Street)
*Space Engineers will stay as THE HOME GAME*


End Notes
-Likely will have the server build by the end of the week.
-Will keep documentation
-Crossplay needs to recruit as mods
-Reach out to armor compendium modder to increase the Armor
-Potential limitations and fat trimming for TROA Crossplay
-Hangar grids that are not in immediate use

Video for server setup
-Determine if videos should be a footnotes version or an expanded version(Or do both)
/Footnotes version|Edited out of the main actions of the expanded video
/Expanded version|The hand held version

Hangar System (At Last GPS|At New Location)
At last GPS|
At New location|
At new location(With ship closet)|1

Vote concluded(1 Vote): At new location with ship closet.

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