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TROA 6/17/2023


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•New Logo
•New TROA Server

Hard Stuff
•Effective July 1st SE NEXUS PC will be shut down due to lack of players.
–Alternative, 1 instance, connect directly or through lost civ, likely directed through lost civ(Or Torch instance)
•Renewed focus on crossplay
•Space Engineers will recive less overall attention, HOWEVER will still be home game

5M - GTA Roleplay Server
•Jobs(Can add custom jobs and shops thru in game systems)
•800$ invested, PLAY IT!
•Request to be whitelisted, adhere to given rulesets otherwise your whitelist will be removed.
•Proximity Chat(Probably)
•Custom buildings
•Custom Outfits
•If a fourm is made with no in universe lore aspects to it will be immidiately dismissed, no questions asked.
•In order for an application to join, YOUR character needs a background, why? relations? motivations?. YOU are responsible for your own backstory.
•2 Character slots(You will 100% be banned for meta gaming)(1 should be a "Recovery Character")
•Functional Realestate
•Streamers are encouraged!!! And supported!!!
•Laws and rules
•Fail RP and you face a total ban from the TROA Server & GTA server, regardless of any subscriptions or payments!, this includes meta gaming.(Jail>Then if you fail again> … Will decide your fate)
•GUIDES WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOU TO LEARN YOUR JOB - If you fail to read it it is YOUR fault
•Est ~150 players influx in the server
•Show clear commitment when you apply

—Discord server will be changed around a bit

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