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Five M Project! (TROA RP)


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The time has come!


What’s TROA? – The Realms of Asgard Online community is a multi-gaming online community which host a variety of space-based games and now has a Five M server based on real-life scenarios and generally having fun and creating great Role play.

Why you should Join! -You should join TROA RP since we are a server that accepts all types walks of life. We are a brand-new server. The server is looking for new staff, developers and more!


We are currently looking for skilled devs along with people who have a passion to build out a project. We are keeping track of our development using professional grade tools businesses use. Our founder is an IT business owner and understands the key to success is an organized development team and proper hardware.

Our server is a custom-built water-cooled system.

  • Ryzen 9 5950X
  • 128 GB of ram,
  • 2.5 Giga up stream and 2.5 Giga downstream. (You can download 400 resources in under less then 20 seconds on most connections right now)
  • 5x 2TB SSD, 2x 2TB M.2


Staff Information!

  • J. Street (Founder & Owner) (Chief of Police & All Government Sectors of Law Enforcement) (Government Official)
  • B. Malum (Lead Dev & Tester) (Government Official)
  • More open positions

Our Staff is very active on the server and is very willing to make sure that all members have a fun experience on the server, and they enjoy their time at summit! They are also very friendly people, and they love to role play and making the server a better environment! Our developers are also very active, and they update the server when needed as well as making small changes every day to improve the stay at San Andreas Island!

Our Department’s: DISCORD LINK 10


  • Government - Judges, DA’s, Attorneys, Federal, etc
  • State Police – Investigations, Reporting, Cases, CAD etc 100k sign on bonus
  • Highway Patrol – RP play, tickets, speed guns, radar guns, etc 100k sign on bonus
  • Fire & Rescue- Become a fire fighter, save lives as an EMT, etc 100k sign on bonus
  • Civilian Operations – We offer many types of jobs on our server (more as development goes forward)
  • Other custom jobs which are being developed


  • Working microphone
  • Steam
  • Discord
  • 18+
  • Previous experience: None required, we are open to helping new role-players learn the ropes.



You may ask? No application? Yep! That’s right we rather learn.

  1. Join the discord server
  2. Speak with immigration staff (Admins on the server)
  3. Apply
  4. Interview
  5. Whitelist Add
  6. Complete training
  7. You’re in!


If you have any questions relating to joining Department of Safety, you are welcome to:

We look forward to your interview and seeing you on the server!

Please do not join our server then leave this is a waste of our time. We are seeking people with passion and experience. We have leadership positions we would like to fill with hungry leaders who want to learn and grow. We are a startup server. We are working on a lot of dev work right now. We have a server that is active with over 400 resources on it. We have a website we are creating; we are heavy in dev right now. This is the perfect time to join as we are taking applications currently. Please note this when joining the server. \

We have invested over $1800 in MLO’s and Assets for our community please make sure you say hi to us in our discord.

Communications Department

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