Welcome to the TROA interconnected Worlds!

We want to ensure that our discord and servers are a safe space for everyone. To promote a positive atmosphere and keep this community constructive we ask that you adhere to the rules always provided in this Code of Conduct, when participating in any part of our community.

Before you start in our servers, please read about posting, chatting, or building, we would like to ask you to take a moment and read the below rules. If any of these rules are violated, Admins & Mods will take the appropriate actions.

If you witness any violation of our Community Code of Conduct please report it, through the appropriate channels, by creating a ticket and reporting the issue to TROA admins and mods.

Got a warning, kick, ban, or mute? Discuss this with a moderator in private through DM and not in public channels or a open ticket you may have. You may alternately contact Street or Russmig of TROA if you would like to discuss a moderator or moderator action.

We take all cases serious and will investigate all issues reported to the senior admins of TROA.

The rules set forth herein in this document are the regulations & laws of the TROA/UCP and its owners. Failure to abide by these governing rules will result in banishment and or expulsion from its community of servers.

Section One – Rules and Regulations

It is expected that each player on the cluster is courteous and respectful toward one another. We are all gamers here and most of us love playing SE. Do NOT ruin this for other members of your community. The expectation includes basic courtesy and civility in-game as well as in all chat and voice channels on the associated discord for TROA/UCP and partner server owners. Intentionally harassing, bothering, egging other players and discord members on, or otherwise engaging in trolling matches will not be tolerated.


  1. Do not spam and do not intentionally annoy other users.
  2. This community includes members of all ages. Please act appropriately and keep your language age appropriate.
  3. All members of TROA are above or at the age of 13 which is the TOS and requirement to be able to own a discord and play Space Engineers
  4. We do not tolerate hate speech (sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.) harassment, stalking, or threats. This includes linked or uploaded material.
  5. Do not attempt to use our communities to advertise other sites, products, or social media. Unless in the appropriate channel on our discord labeled “galactic-faction-advertisement”
  6. Do not flame, troll, or bait others (attempting to make someone angry or to get a reaction).
  7. Do not argue with the staff.
  8. You may not impersonate any TROA Admin, Mod, or staff.
  9. Respect other user’s opinions. Don’t criticize or deride what other members believe about the game.
  10. Do not use, post, distribute or link to obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, graphically, or gratuitously violent, derogatory, demeaning, malicious, defamatory, abusive, offensive, hateful, or discriminatory language or content. This includes “masking” language by using alternative characters/spelling /spacing to get around profanity filters.
  11. Do not directly contact The Realms of Asgard Admins & Mods unless stated otherwise. Please use the ticketing system on the discord located in -=| Ticket Support
  12. Do not use community areas to discuss political or religious topics. This includes political or religious figures.
  13. You may not encourage, post in support of, link to, or discuss activities, methods, and/or techniques involving piracy. Each time you share, copy, distribute or otherwise make available a pirated material you directly hurt the creator and company these items originate from. Piracy is illegal. Any form of Piracy will result in an immediate ban.
  14. Be helpful to new users, when a new user asks a question then please respond back in a helpful, informative manner.
  15. Posting personal details about another user including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, date of birth, etc. is not permitted.
Section Two Space Engineers

No Cheating: Non-compliance with these policies will result in an immediate and permanent ban from our Discord and game servers.

No third-party tools, in-game builds (clang drives), scripts or modifications are allowed that alter game physics, access permissions or visuals to provide an unfair gameplay advantage or intentionally cause performance issues with the server or other players. If you have any questions or concerns about an in-game script, check with the staff on our Discord server.

If a bug or gameplay exploit is discovered in-game, report it to staff on our Discord server.

Denial-of-Service and other Internet and network attacks WILL be resisted and reported to your ISPs and law enforcement.

These are the rules in their most basic form. By joining and playing on this Space Engineers server, you agree to comply with these policies.

You may download a printable copy of the rules for your convenience.

1           Account Sharing:

Do not share your Steam or Discord account with anyone else. YOU will be held responsible for any rule breaking done on your account.

2           Spamming:

We define chat spam as various actions in ANY in-game or Discord channel or Private Message on the server, including but not limited to:

  • Pasting links or text repeatedly.
  • Any actions that result in messages being repeatedly posted to chat, such as Death message spamming or repeated login/logouts.
  • Keyboard mashing.
  • Advertising any other game or Discord server without checking first with a staff member.

Chat spamming will result in mute, kick, or ban where appropriate depending on the severity.

3           Harassing:

Abusive language directed at the server, its staff, or its players will get you banned and reported to the Discord Safety team. You can swear but do it in moderation.

4           PVP Zones:

Each UCP world uses specific rule sets for PVP.

  • Please see discord channel and or LCD for rules for PVP zones
    • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in banishment and or expulsion.
    • Use common sense.

5           PVE Zones:

Each UCP world uses specific rule sets for PVE.

  • Please see discord channel and or LCD for rules for PVEzones
    • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in banishment and or expulsion.
    • Use common sense.

6           No Griefing or Stealing:

Since PvP is part of normal Space Engineers gameplay, griefing and stealing have specific definitions on our Space Engineers game server.

  • Stealing: Do not take any grids or items from faction or allied-faction players without the owner’s permission, EVEN if containers are set to “Share with All”.
  • Griefing:
    • Block or entity placement/breaking on faction or allied-faction players’ grids without the owner’s permission.
    • Proposing faction peace relationships with the intent to cause theft or damage to the target faction is not acceptable behavior. If you intend to engage in PvP, do not establish a peace relationship with the target faction. Declare War first if you are already in a peace relationship.
    • If you accidentally damage something belonging to another player or faction, it is recommended to let the owner or faction know as soon as possible to prevent a misunderstanding.

7           Concealment:

  • Apparently, there are people who do NOT understand what Concealment does despite it being explained publicly (over global chat) and privately.
  • Concealment’s purpose is to reduce the impact of unattended grids on the server. It does this by turning off the effects of various blocks, reducing the calculations required for that grid and its requisite physics checks.
  • This means (based on server settings), if your grid does NOT have a player within 25km of it, most blocks (except for production) will be “turned off”. This means that while they are set as powered on, they do not generate their effects. This means that thrusters don’t thrust, gravity gens don’t create gravity, etc. Production blocks are exempt as are specific blocks needed for server effects (ex: KOTH).
  • So, if you think that flying in a gravity well is a good idea during a restart, think again. That may work in single player, but it does NOT in multiplayer. Your thrusters will not do their jobs and your grid will crash into the ground. You may also want to add parachutes to your grid if it’s atmospheric capable as they typically will activate (if configured) despite Concealment. It might also survive if it comes within 25km of another logged in player nearby and has sufficient time to stop itself.
  • This sort of grid loss also does NOT qualify for a grid restore. Moving grids during a restart can result in loss of grids. These are seen as player caused issues, not server caused.

8           Faction Best Practices:

This section provides more general guidelines and recommendations than rules. These are designed to help prevent unintentional conflict between players. Faction leaders are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their members, and their relationships to other factions.

  • Please pay attention to who you accept into your faction. Your “Accept Everyone” checkbox should be turned off.
  • Note which factions you extend peace agreements to. Your “Accept Peace” checkbox should also be turned off.
  • If you are leaving or changing factions, make sure you know where all your grids are located, just in case nearby neutral guns become hostile and your grids are damaged.
  • If you establish a peace relationship with another faction, it is recommended that you have a conversation with the other faction leader and have an understanding between your factions on acceptable behavior.

9           Top Grid Rules:

  • If you have a grid that is greater than 75K PCU, its location / GPS will be broadcast to the entire server and include a GPS chime.
  • Likewise, if you go beyond 10,000 km from 0.0.0, you will also generate a top grid notification (regardless of PCU) because you are too far from the center. Anyone traveling that far into the Unknown Regions is not trusted and should be shot on sight.
  • If your grid is in Top Grid status (it is 75k PCU or greater) you cannot put it in the hangar.

10        Server Cleanup and Performance Information:

Server grid and floating object removal is performed on a regular interval without warning, affecting the following:

  • Floating objects.
  • Must have a beacon on a created grid does not need to be built just placed.
  • Grids owned by Nobody, NPC factions, banned players, or any player inactive for 90 days.
  • Unpowered grids under 20 blocks.
  • Grids with default naming (i.e., Small Grid 1234).
    • The best way to avoid being affected by Trash Cleanup is to name all your grids with some convention (something other than Small Grid 1234).
    • The convention you choose is up to you. Having a consistent naming scheme can allow staff to help find and troubleshoot lost grids for you.
    • You can review your owned grids in your player Info tab.

11        Access to Scripting:

Access to Scripting on this server requires the Scripter role, which may only be granted by a staff member at their discretion. Scripter roles may be revoked at any time without warning if rules are violated. Intentional usage of scripts to harm server performance will result in an immediate ban.

Players will undergo a probationary period of indeterminate length before scripter role requests are considered.

  • Active Discord participation is required.
  • Voting for our server ( not required but we look at this)
  • Players must be on the server for a minimum of two weeks.

12        Known Good Scripts:

The following scripts have been tested successfully on this server, and we recommend their use:

Scripts to Avoid:

This list is not exhaustive, but examples of performance-intensive scripts to avoid include some of the following. Avoid any script that has known performance impacts on dedicated server, particularly anything having to do with radar/lidar/raycasting/clang drives. Contact an admin on Discord if you have any questions or doubts about a script you would like to use.

  • Lidar Mapping Script
  • Raycast Lidar
  • Ship Layout
  • SIMPL | Ship Integrity Monitoring Program Lite
  • Whip’s Turret Based Radar

13        Usage Best Practices:

Our server runs a script every restart and every 5 hours. All programmable blocks and anything that has server impact Odin clean up will turn off anything that is not a standard block, Please if you leave the server turn off your own none essential blocks. Only scripts published on the Steam workshop may be used. If the server sim speed drops when your script is active, you must stop and unload that script. Please notify an admin which script caused a problem so the list can be updated.

14        NEXUS & EOS Services

The UCP was founded on the basics of NEXUS based community servers.

  • This plugin & controller were created by Casmir aka Bob
  • NEXUS is a third-party program used to connect instances into massive clusters of worlds
    • UCP owners have setup a connection instance which allows users to connect to all UCP worlds
  • Cross platform has been made possible by turning on EOS service inside your SE menu.

15        Player Commands:

These are the in-game commands. Access them by pressing enter and type:

  • !grids list – gives you a list of all of your grids in world and their GPS coordinates
  • !blocklimit mylimit – displays your block limits
  • !blocklimit update mylimit – updates your limits if you have built & ground down limited blocks
  • !blocklimit limits – displays the server’s current block limits
  • !fixship – used to correct odd / unusual behavior with any personally owned grid. Faction Leaders can use this as well on faction member grids.
  • !fixrespawn – used to remove the respawn tag from the starter ship
  • !eco deposit – deposit space bucks into your account
  • !eco pay – used to transfer credits from your account to another player
  • !eco withdraw – used to withdraw credits from your account into inventory
  • !entities refresh – used to re-synchronize the voxel information your client has with the server’s copy
  • !hangar list – display a list of your grids in the quantum hangar. Can also use: !h list
  • !hangar load # – removes the specified grid from the hangar and spawns it into the world within 200 meters of your position. Can also use: !h load
  • !hangar save – saves the grid your crosshairs are pointing at to the hangar. Can also use: !h save
  • !convert – changes your ship to station or station to ship if you own enough of the grid.
  • !claim – allows you to claim ownership on a grid where you own > 80% of the terminal blocks on it.
  • !discord – brings up the browser to join the discord
  • !stone – deletes the stone inside your grid, use the same way as !fixship, can also use this as the name for your drills to make them never pickup stone (they will delete it)
  • !togglestone – turn off stone collection by your drills. Use again to turn stone collection back on.
Section Three Regulations:


UCP and its owners keep logs of all actively in its servers and discord

You agree that you understand that UCP and its owners can validate and verify the following:

    • Grid restores – Do not lie we will know
    • PVP actions that go against the UCP and its owners
    • Subjects and tickets that are submitted through discord
    • Interactions of any kind with UCP and its owners, admins and mods
    • Server change logs are viewable in each discord unless stated otherwise

Downtime & Maintenance:

  • Each UCP server and its owners reserve the right to make changes to their communities
  • Downtimes can happen and if they do we ask that you wait and allow UCP and its owners to get the servers back up.

Tolerance Policy:

UCP servers MIGHT give you a warning if you break ANY of these rules, we reserve the right to kick or ban you from Discord and the Server. Attempting to circumvent a ban will be seen as a violation of rule one and your new account/IP will be banned as well.

  • Zero tolerance for drama of any kind in game and in discord you will be banned and removed immediately
  • Lying to UCP admins is grounds for banishment and or expulsion
  • Cheating of any kind with plugins using loader and caught is grounds for banning
    • Any and all third party scripts that introduce the potential for malware

Ban Policy:

The UCP is the command for owners of connected NEXUS servers and is a part of an interconnected community of server admins which share a master banlist. For players who are toxic and have caused drama in servers. We will ban players with or without reason if you fail to follow our rules.

  • Please use common since we do not like to ban players but will if we have to

Appeals & Ban Reversals

  • If you have been banned on a UCP server the following may happen
    • You will fill out a appeal form on ucpse.net
    • You will be judged by the UCP and its owners
    • You will either get an discord message or email pending on your choosing

UCP and its owners have the right to make changes and or amendments to this document at any time. The Rules and Regulations are set forth from the following Nexus cluster servers, TROA, Lost Civilization, Mount Vesuvius all rights 2023

Bug Reporting: Create ticket with in TROA Discord

Bug Reports

  • If you experience any technical difficulties in the TROA server, please leave a bug report!
  • Please describe your issue thoroughly. If possible, provide reliable reproduction steps. We also encourage you to attach log files for technical support issues.

Feedback and Constructive Criticism

  • When providing feedback try to be as constructive as possible by providing reasons why you like or don’t like something in the game and what, you feel, could be done to improve it.

Don’t forget to VOTE!

Steam Workshop and Mod.io

TROA servers use mods on both STEAM workshop and Mod.io this means that we use third party mods, plugins etc. to enhance the overall user experience and provide class service for the players.